Thursday, June 17, 2010


-- Quick news update, and it appears Darrelle Revis may be on his way to becoming the highest paid Defensive Back in the league, with numbers being batted around that seem to fall in the region of a 6 year deal worth anything between $10-12 million dollars per year. New York Real estate agents are said to be delighted with the progress.... -- The Jaguars and the Lions will both forfeit their final two mini camps after becoming the latest teams to fall foul of the rules regarding the type and intensity of workout permitted. OTAs are performed in shorts, shirts and helmets, no pads, and must not involve serious contact. This is getting to be quite the epidemic though. At first I attributed it to players moaning, but the amount of cases so far suggests that teams are just being very lax about the application of the rules. It just amazes me that with certain rules in place and clearly stated for all teams to abide by, how these kind of incidents can happen is getting beyond a joke. Anyway, I have an article about running the football to write. So until then, have a great day everyone.

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