Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Everyone just relax

Well, as far as transitions go, this one hasn't exactly gone smoothly. I didn't realise that blogger would shift my entire blog to this new address without leaving anything at the old one except for a note to say that blog address does not exist anymore. Needless to say I'm a little worried that people might think I've been wiped off the face of the Earth (must be those nefarious private followers striking already). And (yes I know) my move wasn't the only thing that hasn't been going smoothly of late. Vincent Jackson of the Chargers, along with team mate Marcus McNeil, may be headed for a very long sit down. Sources close to the situation have told the San Diego Union Tribune that they expect Jackson and McNeil to sit out as far as week 10 if necessary. So can I just be one of the first to say that would be the dumbest thing Vincent Jackson could possibly do. It would rank up there - stupidity wise - with Favres interception throw in the dying seconds of the NFC Championship game last season. Why miss out on the guaranteed cash (you don't get paid to sit at home)? More to the point, why take yourself out of the spotlight after having had such a great year last year(s)? I just don't get it. Guys have some good times and then suddenly it all goes to their head. Jackson could have signed a tender worth something like $3 million, but now he'll be lucky to get a fifth of that, and only if he plays all the games. Stupid as hell. There is hope for Jackson though; the NFLPA is holding talks this week with the league about the new CBA, so maybe the players are in for a bumper payday next year!! Don't count on it. The NFLPA has blundered through these negotiations like a village idiot in a giant hamster wheel. No wonder commissioner Goodell always looks so happy. He knows the house always wins, he's just waiting to see how long he can keep the NFLPA putting down the chips. At this rate they're going to clean out the kids college fund trying to get one up on the league and I just can't see the league buckling. This thing is probably going to get a whole lot uglier before it gets prettier. Just watch out for the "Kevin Mawae hasn't been signed because of being President of the NFLPA" thing to rear it's head again. That should kick off the negotiations in the right tone. Other than that, not much excitement about. I hear Chad Ochocinco is back at practice, as is Marshawn Lynch, who told BuffaloBills.com the reason for his absence from OTAs: “I was just enjoying what they call the off season, just enjoying that and kicking back at home, but still getting the necessary work for me to come back in here and produce.” Well in that case, all is well. Though it's lucky the Bills didn't finish bottom of the division last year, or go something stupid like 6-10, otherwise people might look harshly on Lynch's relaxed attitude.... Anyway, I'm shattered and tomorrow I have a study of the run game lined up for you. Lucky you. Have a great day everyone.

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