Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Moss is growing

-- So another day into the off season... and still nothings happened. Patrick Crayton is "holding out" from VOLUNTARY mini camps in protest at the receiver situation in Dallas. Big Ben is back in Pittsburgh for the largely pointless exercise of getting reps with the first team, otherwise known as stealing reps from the Quarterbacks who will actually be working with them for at least the first third of the season. And Randy Moss is looking for a new agent. Whoopsy do. Who really cares? So in the interim I've continuing to quench my thirst for football by watching the 1989 NFC Championship game between the Rams @ 49ers. There are lots of little things to be noted in this game (including John Madden on fine form, creating the entirely new position of "Nose Blocker") but three in particular stood out: 1) Roger Craig suffers a concussion, then returns to the game about 10-15 minutes later. How things have changed. 2) Tom Rathman. I've got a bit of a soft spot for proper Fullbacks, and Rathman has to lead that group. Running, catching, blocking. He did it all and he did it with grit, determination and a distinct appearance of loving every minute of it. Fine example of a true football player. 3) Despite the fact the 49ers ran away with this one and it was a reasonably high score from their perspective, something in me found this game incredibly boring compared to the 9-0 Rams @ Bucs game. I can't really put my finger on it. Maybe it was the tighter score, or maybe it was just the more physical nature of the '79 clash, the chess match between co-ordinators, running backs and linebackers. I dunno. Anyway, till tomorrow, have a great day everyone.

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