Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In the old days, we didn't have these 'concussions' ....

Day 3690 of the 2010 NFL off season: All hope is lost. Everyone is gone. All the food has run out. There's no water. There's no news... Yes the fun filled, wall-to-wall excitement extravaganza that is the NFL off season is really kicking into full swing. As I speak I'm currently doing what many of the real sports journalists around the country are doing; making a list of articles-however seemingly inane or out of place they may be-to be used in lieu of an actual news story breaking out. For a moment I was tempted to start covering the Arena league. Then I slipped over, banged my head and finally came to my senses. It was getting desperate for a moment. I also considered digging up footage posted onto YouTube by football teams here in the UK, only to realise that the sight of fully grown men struggling to make themselves look as good as a Pop Warner side would do nothing to beneficially promote the game. Instead of this, I regained my senses and meandered over to have a look at (a generally very good blog, especially if you're one of those Game Theory-a-holics). It was here I found a video called 'Old Fashioned Football' (which I shall post later on for your viewing pleasure). This nugget of oldy worldy football led me to YouTube itself and to the search for more old clips, some of which will be posted here. These intrigue me for a number of reasons, the two main ones being: 1) There are 'Spread Offense' coaches who simply believe that less men in the box makes running the football a little easier etc. Then there are spread offense coaches who will pour honey in your ear and try to make you believe that it's impossible to effectively run against anything more than a 6-man box. These videos clearly prove that notion to be false. 2) You can't beat a bit of retro football. Anyways, here you are. Enjoy (keep an eye out for the ref in the first video @2:25 firing a gun to signal a TD!): Well, hope you enjoyed that little trip down memory lane and don't forget you can now subscribe to future posts using that 'Follow' thingy on the right hand side (you'll need a blogger account). You can now also send me abusive e-mails at: Have a great day everyone.

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