Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rolling in the brown stuff

-- Starting off today, Jammal Brown of the New Orleans Saints is set to make a move to Washington. Brown will have to pass a physical with Redskins first, then sign a deal in New Orleans that will allow him to be traded (teams cannot trade players without a contract). The compensation will be a draft pick in 2011, either a third or a fourth rounder, depending on which pick the Redskins end up giving to the Eagles as part of the McNabb trade. Brown was taken by the Saints in the first round of the 2005 draft and has since been to the pro bowl twice. With OT Trent Williams drafted by the Redskins at number 4 overall, it looks likely that Brown will find himself playing on the right side of the Redskins line. -- The Department of Labor is preparing to interview members of the NFLPA as part of an ongoing investigation. Sources inside the NFLPA have told the Associated Press amongst others about an e-mail that was sent to members of the union advising them of their options should they be contacted by federal authorities. Of most concern to the league are claims made in court documents from a wrongful dismissal suit filed by former NFLPA employee Mary Moran, that commissioner Roger Goodell met with members of the NFLPA, including former president Troy Vincent, without the knowledge or authorization of the union. It's alleged that the purpose of the meetings was to provide the league with confidential information about the union. Vincent has so far declined to comment on the matter and the league has dismissed the claims against Goodell, pointing out that it's common for Goodell to meet with players and union executives. Have a great day everyone.

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