Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So what else is new?

So what's going down in the NFL neighbourhood today? The answer; jack s*%$. -- Vince Young is expecting the dreaded phone call from commissioner Roger Goodell about his conduct this weekend, but other than a meeting to receive a ticking off, no further action is likely. -- There's still some players holding out on signing their tenders, but if they have any sense (or indeed their agents do) then expect to see those signings come flooding in over the next few days. -- NFL.com needs to invest in a spell checker, as Darrelle Revis found one of the R's cut from his name. But that's about it. So what's new with this blog? Actually quite a bit. Ish. If you look over to the right under that first, shiny vertical advertising board, you should see a thingy for following my blog. If you click on 'Follow' it will add my blog to your reading list, which you can access on your blogger home page. If you choose to follow publicly then your profile picture (providing you have one) will appear in the box (space permitting) as a sign of your support. Or you can choose to follow privately, still getting updates on your reading list but not appearing in the box (so you can hide in the shadows and nefariously plot my down fall in peace). You can also now e-mail me. There's a link on my profile page now for that, or you can simply head over to your e-mail provider and tap in: keepingthechainsmoving@live.co.uk to ask questions, leave suggestions, feedback, abuse etc, as the mood takes you. And on a final note, I'm currently trying to shift the blog over to www.keepingthechainsmoving.blogspot.com . This may or may not be successful. If it is, then this is the last post you'll see at this address and if you have me stored in your favourites, you'll need to head over to the address above in order to find me again. Those who are following the blog through blogger should be automatically taken there. If my plan for world domination (or even just domain name domination) fails, then I imagine I'll be staying here. That just leaves me to say, have a great day everyone!

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