Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reality check

-- Today, football takes a back seat. Kind of. The Atlanta Falcons have stepped up with one of the best non-football related programs I've heard of in a long while. Around 30 players - including QB Matt Ryan - attended a 2-day business seminar with talks by some of the most respected business people in the nation. Players were given advice on setting up businesses, as well as leadership & management. This, this right here is what the NFL needs more of. Sound advice given to players to help them look after their millions, especially after they retire. Good on the Falcons. -- Adrian Peterson will miss a mandatory workout with the Vikings to attend the 4th annual "Adrian Peterson Day" held in his honor in his hometown of Palestine, Texas. Seriously... WTF? That's how bad it is. It reduced me to Internet shorthand. If I was on the Vikings roster, I'd be all kinds of pissed off with Adrian missing practice for this. Coming off a tough loss in the NFC Championship game last season and with a great shot at making the 'bowl this season, the Vikings players need to get real and get to grips. This is a shot you can't just pass up on a whim. It also begs the question of how truly committed this team is to winning. Have a great day everyone.

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Coach Hoover said...

I didn't know that's why AP (or AD, or whatever he's supposed to be called) missed practice. Now T.O., Ocho Cinco and everybody else is gonna have to have their own day so they too can miss practice.