Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Those Bucking Broncos

-- So the talk of the town is Denver and an impending QB controversy. Personally, I don't get it. McDaniels has said Orton is the guy. Orton did well last year, ish, and will be coming into his second season in this system. It makes zero sense to change Quarterbacks now. Brady Quinn? Please. Don't kid yourself if you believe Quinn is going to walk on to the field and suddenly become the messiah. He's in no better shape to start than Tebow. Personally I'd like to see Orton start for the next year or two while Tebow develops. Yes he was a first round pick, but this is a pick that needs to be developed, matured, in order to obtain its true value. Denver are in the luxurious position of having a competent guy at the number 1 slot who can hold the position down while Tebow becomes accustomed to life in the pros. As for Tebows throwing motion, watching the scarce footage that is available of the Broncos recent OTA's it appears Tebow is still doing exactly what I said he would do after watching clips of his "new" throwing motion prior to the draft. He's not dipping the ball so low anymore, but he is still pausing, hanging the ball out there behind him. Why? It's just his natural rhythm. It's the clock in his head saying "hold on a sec... now release". The same clock he's had probably all through high school and College. Is it fixable? Yes. Providing of course that someone on the Broncos coaching staff notices it and they make real strides to try and fix it. Otherwise, all they've done is moved his carry point, moved his release point, but not actually made his motion quicker. I hate to say it, and I'm by no means a QB expert but, I told you so. Instead of gloating however, I'm off to watch the 1979 NFC Championship game between the Rams @ Buccaneers. And (sorry grammar people) yes, the Buc's are wearing those hideous orangy, "what the hell happened to our uniforms" uniforms. Nice. If you wanna watch the game as well, link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb56ede13UY&feature=related Have a great day everyone.

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