Friday, June 11, 2010

Uh Oh, Ocho

-- Not much going in NFL land right now. There's a lot of attention being directed towards Saints RB Reggie Bush and Bill Walsh look-a-like Pete Carroll, after the NCAA heaped punishment on USC due to revelations about Bush accepting certain gifts while playing for the Trojans. But let's face it, it doesn't affect the league, so who here cares? What about the latest on holdouts then? Oh surprise, surprise, now that we're inching closer to the land of mandatory camps, all the "holdouts" are coming to an end. Didn't see that coming. Which is probably how Chad Ochocinco feels about the latest comments from Bengals QB Carson Palmer regarding Ochocincos absence from OTAs. It's not unusual for Chad to be missing in action. He prefers to work away from the team, and for all his off season activities away from the field, Chad is still well known for keeping himself in good shape. But the cutting comment from Palmer came about the Bengals possibly looking for a new number 1 guy to base their offense around. Not that it matters as, in my opinion, who cares if you're number one or two? You're either on the field or you're on the sideline. Providing you're on the field and you're open, you'll get the ball thrown to you. In theory at least. NFL Total access tackled the issue with Fran Charles and Jamie Dukes scoffing at the notion that anyone on the Bengals roster could replace Chad. But I wouldn't be so dismissive about the issue. Chad hasn't exactly been rocking anybodies world lately. Free agent acquisition Antonio Bryant on the other hand has spent the last couple of seasons making a living out of tough - and often spectacular - catches (I think he was a steal in Free agency, though a little touch over priced in the contract). Meanwhile, third year Wideout Andre Caldwell has been earning a well deserved reputation in Cincinnati as Mr. Clutch when it comes to third downs and last minute plays. Throw in under rated rookie Jordan Shipley and I think Chad has way more to look over his shoulder and worry about than many might think. Will Chad be knocked from his perch this year? Maybe not. But it'll be interesting to see if he's in camp for OTAs next year as the Bengals receiving corps begins seriously nibbling at his heels. Mr. Ochocinco, you have been warned... Now, I fancy brewing up a coffee and spending the early hours of the morning watching the 1975 Superbowl (10) between the Steelers and the Cowboys. Link here if you're interested: Have a great day everyone.

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