Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hold on tight

-- So the off season merry-go-round spins once more and this time it's Cedric Benson who falls off in an undignified heap. Benson was charged with misdemeanour assault in Austin, Texas and has been released on bail, just another feather in his cap when it comes to off the field incidents. And people wonder why teams are a little cagey about taking on players with a previous history of trouble? This is why. -- Flozell Adams has been to visit the Steelers. With starting RT Willie Colon down for the season, the Steelers are likely feeling out the possibility of bringing Adams in to play LT, which would require a shift to the right side for Max Starks. The Steelers aren't the only team in the market for Adams, with Denver also considering pulling the trigger after their starting tackle Ryan Clady went down earlier this off season. Have a great day everyone.

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