Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Whole Ten Years

-- So, after the Welker update earlier, what's new? Erm, nothing. All the talk around the web and TV at the moment seems to be about whether the Patriots are on their way out, or whether they have another Superbowl left in them. Personally, I think with Brady, Welker and Moss on that team, you have to respect the Patriots. Belichick will be taking over play calling again on the defense this year and I expect the Patriots to be in with a shout at another Lombardi trophy in the next year or two. Providing Belichick stays. I say this because the supposed shelf life of a coach is about ten years (Nearly Belichicks time then). The theory is that after this period he becomes tired of the grind, tired of the same old routine and the enthusiasm for coaching that ball club diminishes. Supposedly it then takes a year or two out of the game for the coach to get his hunger back. I'm not entirely sure how much I buy that, but it was something that Bill Walsh believed in and if we know one thing about Belichick, it's that he respected the opinion of 'The Genius' very highly. I hope Belichick stays, not least because he gives us all a panto bad guy to complain about and to point the finger at. Have a great day everyone.

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