Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Returning to the flock

-- Issac Bruce is back with the Rams after a token trade from the 49ers. Bruce served as a member of the Rams "Greatest Show on Turf" along with Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk, under the direction of Mike Martz (what happened Mike?). It's always nice to see players getting the chance to return to the place where they made their name so they can retire. Good luck to Issac Bruce. -- The Ravens have been forced to cancel their remaining OTAs after violating the rules for conducting such practices. The NFLPA filed a complaint to the league regarding the "intensity and tempo" of drills, as well as concerns over how long players were at the Ravens facility during OTAs. The Ravens had an OTA scheduled for June 14-18 which has now been cancelled and cannot be re-scheduled. -- It's not all bad news for the Ravens though. OT Jared Gaither has signed his first round tender which will seal his place with the Ravens for another year at least. I'm a big fan of linemen on both sides of the ball and think their role in being successful is often wildly under estimated. Thus, this signing could potentially have had a huge impact on the Ravens future this year. Things are looking good in Baltimore... Now If you'll excuse me, I'm caught up in a very interesting game of chess (which it looks like I will probably lose). Have a great day everyone.

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