Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hail the conquering hero...

-- To start, someone left a comment (hey Coach Hoover) about the possibility of Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens organising their own "Terrell Owens Day" or "Chad Ochocinco Day" as a possible get out clause for training camp. If this is the case, then keep an eye out as well for "Brett Favre Month" next season... -- And (yes I know, grammar,) speaking of the one million year old man himself, I was watching the 2001 Packers @ Rams divisional game (which you can watch here: ) and I noticed something about Favre that might help to explain why Donovan McNabb was successful in the West Coast Offense, without ever truly pushing over the edge (e.g. winning a Superbowl). It's two fold and both things relate to arm strength (or to put it better, arm, chest, abdominal & leg strength). The first was the tendency to try and make plays that weren't there, leading to interceptions. Both McNabb and Favre have a habit of trying to throw the ball to an outlet despite the fact that they're being wrestled to the ground by two or three defensive linemen, relying on pure power to make it work. The common result of this is to throw a bad pass and give up a pick. The solution? Take the sack. Live to fight another play. The second thing that might help to explain their joint difficulties at times, is their inability to throw very catchable short balls. Bill Walsh once commented that one of Joe Montana's great assets was his ability to throw a soft, catchable ball to the short routes. Favre and McNabb meanwhile do the opposite. They hurl the rock as hard as possible, even on quick routes, subsequently making the ball difficult to catch. When you're relying on short passes to make a lot of your yards and to largely supplement your run game (or as it's known in Philadelphia, your entire run game) dropped passes like that are killers. Just food for thought and possibly hope for Eagles fans as Kolb doesn't really have the arm to throw rocket shots over short distances. Tomorrow, I want to share a theory about interceptions. Defensive backs look away. Till then, have a great day everyone.

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