Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Waaagh, he pushed me..."

-- The Raiders will miss their last OTA due to a complaint from the NFLPA about the nature of the practices. Great, more players bitching. Honestly, I don't get it. Where else can you get paid $millions a year for doing a physically demanding job, then complain because someone asked you to push a little harder in practice? Pathetic. -- The 49ers are on for a new stadium after voters in Santa Clara approved plans for the construction of a 68,000+ seater stadium. I'd rather the 49ers stayed in San Francisco but the reality is we need a new stadium and this is the best shot. Good on the people of Santa Clara. -- The NFLPA has filed a complaint over the terms of the NFLs TV deals for 2011, the main point of contention being that they are concerned that around $4 billion will be paid even if there is no football. The fact that the players get a share of this money, and that if there is no football then the league will ultimately have to pay that money back seems to have slipped the minds of the NFLPA representatives. Honestly, if I was a player, I'd be calling for some heads to roll. This has to be one of the worst labour negotiations in history. Right now in the UK, British Airways cabin crews are holding a series of strikes over perks and the company is not budging an inch. The reality is that people need to work to earn money and someone will always work. Players in the Arena League and the Canadian league are probably all gleefully rubbing their hands together at the thought of a work stoppage. If things continue on this path it's not going to end well for the current NFL players. -- Listening to Josh Cribbs being interviewed by Rich Essien, you get the impression that Cribbs is the kind of player every coach would love to have. He doesn't care what you ask him to do, he just seems to cherish the opportunity he's been given to play football at a high level. Good on you Josh. Have a great day everyone.

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